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Wreckin' Ball
6 May
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Name: Kyle

Age: 29

Occupation:rock and roller...like riff randall...

Married/Single: Single

Turn-ons: Texas,Good Music,Good Books,
Good/Bad Movies,Video Games...

Turn-offs: Rap "Music",the current state of the
country music industry,the music
industry in general,skinny girls,
high-priced beer,places that i like
closing up or burning down,anything
even remotely related to rap "music"
or hip-hop...

Hobbies: See Turn-ons

my name is Kyle...i'm old and tired...if you look below you can see what i'm into...i have lots and lots of records but i keep buying more...my dream job is to own a record/book/god only knows what else store...and that dream will be fulfilled sooner than later...i always have an answer no matter what the question is...i've been known to be very calm in crisis situations...but also have a short temper...i got into lots of fights when i was young...but not since i've "grown up"...i want a dog...preferably a german shepherd...i'm very loyal to people i care about...and i like to make folks laugh...i like to think i know a little bit about everything...which to me is better than knowing everything about a little bit...as far as people that are going to be on my friends list...anybody who isn't a moron...anyone who isn't a complete slut...you can act slutty...but as long as you aren't a card carrying member...i like honest folks...people that aren't afraid to have their own personal views and standards...no matter what they are...at least have some...i like people that can have a decent conversation about anything and that can express themselves well...i tend to get along well with folks that are into the same stuff as me...anyone really...as long as they don't fall under the categories mentioned above...to recap...moron or slut(card carrying sluts...you know who you are...)

13th floor elevators, 4-skins, 45 grave, ? and the mysterians, agent orange, agnostic front, angelic upstarts, ann coulter, april march, b horror movies, b movies, bad brains, beer, bettie page, bill o'reilly, blitz, bob wills, books, buck, buck owens, buzzcocks, cocksparrer, connie francis, dale watson, danzig, dead boys, dean martin, demented are go, demolition doll rods, detroit cobras, dwight yoakam, electric frankenstein, elvis costello, faron young, fox news, frank sinatra, garage, george jones, guitar wolf, hank thompson, hank williams, horror movies, howlin' wolf, husker du, jimmie rodgers, john lee hooker, johnny cash, jon spencer blues explosion, lone star beer, lord high fixers, loretta lynn, marilyn monroe, marti brom, melvins, merle haggard, movies, muddy waters, music, nashville pussy, neko case, new york dolls, oi, old country, otis redding, patsy cline, photography, pin-up girls, psychobilly, punk, punk rock, record collecting, records, robert johnson, rock n roll, rockabilly, roller derby, rush limbaugh, sam cooke, samhain, satan's cheerleaders, sex pistols, sham 69, social distortion, stiff little fingers, texas, the 1-4-5s, the adicts, the blasters, the cramps, the damned, the dead milkmen, the devil dogs, the donnas, the exploited, the eyeliners, the flametrick subs, the gories, the jam, the jewws, the lazy cowgirls, the makers, the misfits, the motards, the muffs, the mummies, the nomads, the oblivians, the oppressed, the pixies, the pogues, the queers, the ramones, the replacements, the runaways, the shitbirds, the smiths, the sonics, the stooges, the stranglers, the zombies, thee headcoatees, thee headcoats, thunderstorms, tom waits, tornadoes, velvet underground, video games, violent femmes, wanda jackson, waylon jennings, wayne hancock, western swing, whiskey, willie nelson, x, zombies

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